What is Ambiente JÁ

Ambiente JÁ is a small news agency specialized on environmental issues. In fact, it is a platform and a network, which main goals are to produce, collect, filter, index, manage and analyse information related to environmental problems. The daily work is performed by a team of journalists and volunteers from different places in the world like Porto Alegre (Brazil), Florianópolis (Brazil), São Paulo (Brazil), New York (USA), Gold Coast (Australia) and Berlin (Germany).

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It has started in February of 1999 as a clipping service in Southern Brazil. Since 06 (Six) years ago it has been developed as an online database, and as a network of expert journalists. In January 2006 the Association of Environmental Information (AIA), a non-profitable organization, took over the project to conduct its expansion.

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  • Carlos Matsubara  -  (Journalist, Porto Alegre/Brazil)
  • Cláudia Viegas  -  (Journalist, Porto Alegre/Brazil)
  • Cleber Dioni  -  (Journalist, Porto Alegre/Brazil)
  • Fernanda Scur  -  (Webdesigner, Porto Alegre/Brazil)
  • Flora Neves  -  (Trainee, Florianópolis/Brazil)
  • Luiza Oliveira Barbosa  -  (Trainee, Porto Alegre/Brazil)
  • Mariano Senna da Costa  -  (Journalist, Berlin/Germany)
  • Rogério Mosimann  -  (Journalist, Florianópolis/Brazil)
  • Tatiana Feldens  -  (Journalist, Gold Coast/Australia)

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To be a communication project focused on environmental information, managed in a descentralized and autonomous structure, which will serve to promote public awareness and vocational qualification of experts in this area (Information and environment).

To pursue our own awareness, and thus, through it, to raise public awareness about environmental information.

To establish and reinforce connections among different social actors, governamental and non-governamental, scientific and layen, with the purpose of serving as a dialog channel among them.

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Main Topics in Focus

  • Fossil fuels (Oil, Gas and Coal)
  • Agriculture
  • Renewable energy
  • Nuclear energy
  • Chemicals
  • Indian and tribal people
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate Change
  • Accidents/Disasters

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Clipping - News from the main 130 vehicles of brazilian and worlwide press, with information organized according to date, localization, themes and labels.

Legislation Watch - Information about proposals and negotiations of projects in the federal and regional parliaments.

Scientific and technological watch - Experimental project to bring about scientific research in the environmental field.

Special Reports - Complete documents and studies produced recently by scientific, governamental or non-governamental institutions. Analysis of trends, including articles from specialists and opinion of authorities, about the main ecological issues.

If you have any further questions, suggestions or critics, do not hesitate to contact us (atendimento@ambienteja.info)

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